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From the 90s, we are known and appreciated by riders worldwide for our protection of sport horses:
Nero Line: dedicated to jumping.
Piaffe Line: designed for dressage.
Guarnieri Line: our footwear division.
Magnetik Line: an exclusive product line for Magnetic Therapy.
Biocare Line: natural products for the horse care.
Meticulous attention to raw materials, employment of the most cutting-edge technologies and an obsessive attention to every small detail is the foundation of our success. Above all, though, there is the collaboration with the endorsements which are involved in the design and testing phase, thus guaranteeing total reliability of the product. The signature of Marcus Ehning on the Carbon Gel Vento and of Scott Brash on the Grand Slam line, are not simply signatures, they are true guarantees of the performance and quality of the product. In any case, every rider wants the best protection available on the market for his/her horse, one cannot settle for less.  This is why Veredus was able to win the trust of champions like Ehning, Brash, Guerdat and Adelinde Cornellisen.
Veredus is presently the world leader in the top-of-the-line equestrian sporting equipment.

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